Welcome to Quality Leadership University Virtual Academy (QLUacademy.org). We are very excited to provide Panama and Latin America with a state-of-the art curriculum through the most advanced platform for online education.

The mission of Quality Leadership University is to educate at the highest academic level more and better leaders and professionals who will actively contribute to the development of the region.

The mission of QLU Virtual Academy is to educate and develop talented and motivated students who will become respected leaders and responsible citizens who will be prepared to succeed academically and professionally, with integrity and according to high personal, ethical, and moral standards. QLU Virtual Academy prepares students to be ready for challenging academic college careers and to significantly contribute to their communities, countries, and the world.

QLU Virtual Academy has the academic guidance and support of Quality Leadership University (QLU), a higher education private institution founded in Panama in 1997, which offers quality college education in cooperation with prestigious universities from the United States, Chile, and Spain. QLU offers undergraduate and graduate programs with higher standards through a teaching and research faculty of more than 85% of its professors holding Ph.D. degrees.

QLU Virtual Academy curriculum and technology is powered by Keystone®, a leader in the world in providing online education from Kinder to 12th Grade. More than a million students have benefited from Keystone®programs in the United States of America and around the world. Our students are admitted to the best universities and achieve academic success through self-discipline, study habits, critical thinking, and independent learning skills acquired in our school system.

Teachers in our school have the academic credentials from recognized universities and teaching certificates to guarantee the achievement of student learning goals. Our trained and committed “Learning Coaches, Tutors and Counselors” guide students in the journey of reaching their educational and personal goals and aspirations. Our strong Learning Management System has all the resources and features to get the most out of the educational online experience.

QLU Virtual Academy, powered by Keystone®, is the perfect choice for strong academics and flexible online education. We are proud to serve our students with a leading curriculum, supported by advanced technology and outstanding tutoring and guiding services to provide a meaningful online school experience combined with the human touch by our dedicated teachers, learning coaches, tutors and counselors.

We value diversity and welcome applications from students from grades 6th to 12th from Panama, the region and around the world. Whether your plans are to complete your education through our rigorous but flexible online program, or to take some of the courses you may need to prepare you better for your college studies, we will be honored to serve talented students like you and your family.

Please visit us or call us at (507) 264-0777 or email us to info@QLUacademy.org to schedule an individualized consultation, interview, or academic advice session. We will be looking forward to serving you.

We wish you the best,

Oscar Leon

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