Type of EnrollmentPayment Structure
Full-time Student
(student only enrolled in QLU Virtual Academy Program powered by Keystone, and seeking Keystone School High School Diploma)
Enrollment fee (Matrícula): $2,000 per year.

It can be paid in 4 trimester installments of $500.00 each.

This is a non-refundable fee.

Tuition fee (Colegiatura): $ 3,000 per year
10 and 12-month payment plans are available for the tuition fee.
10-month tuition payment: $300 per month
12-month tuition payment: $250 per month

Part-time Student
(student enrolled in a local high school and, also enrolled in QLU Virtual Academy Program powered by Keystone and seeking two diplomas, one from local high school and another from Keystone High School from the USA)
Enrollment fee (Matrícula): $2,000

It can be paid divided in the number of years the student will take to complete the program

If 2-year completion: $1,000 per year

If 3-year completion: $667 per year

If 4-year completion: $500 per year

This is a non-refundable fee.

Tuition fee (Colegiatura): $4,000 in total. Payments will vary depending on the time in which the student completes coursework.

Below are the monthly fees depending on whether students plan to complete coursework in 2 years, 3 years, or 4 years:
2-year completion (11th graders): 24 monthly payments of $167 each.
3-year completion (10th graders): 36 monthly payments of $112 each.
4-year completion (9th graders): 48 monthly payments of $84 each.

AP and/or elective coursesOne half-year credit AP Course
Enrollment fee (Matrícula): $400
Tuition fee (Colegiatura): $400 in 4 monthly payments of $100 each.

One half-year credit Elective course
Enrollment fee (Matrícula): $400
Tuition fee (Colegiatura): $400 in 4 monthly payments of $100 each.

*College Board AP exam fee is not included in the enrollment and tuition fees of AP courses.

* AP Exams for college credit are typically held every year in May. We may recommend specific start-dates, in order to complete coursework and prepare for AP exam.

Summer Courses (Recovery)One Summer credit or half-credit course
One-single fee of $500.00
Keystone strongly recommends that you seek pre-approval from your school prior to enrolling. Any questions, please call us at (507) 264-0777.

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QLU Virtual Academy cannot refund the monies for the enrollment fee (Matrícula) after the student has been registered into a program or a course, however it can grant credit if the students withdraws one within the week of the registration. Refunded credit can be used for enrollment or tuition at a later-date that year.

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