Most students entering The Keystone School need to transfer credits from other schools or homeschooling programs.

Requesting Your Transcript

To request transcripts from any schools where your student has earned high school credit, please complete the online Transcript Request Form with the assistance of one of Academic Counselors by calling us to (507) 264-0777 or emailing to info@QLUacademy.org  or by visiting us.

The Keystone School will send the form to the schools listed on your student’s behalf.  When an official transcript is received, Keystone staff will perform a transcript evaluation and will email a copy to you for review.  Enrollment instructions will be sent along with the evaluation.

For specific credit transfer requirements and portfolio credit policy please call one of our Academic Counselors to (507) 264-0777 or email us to info@QLUacademy.org.

Will previously earned credits transfer to Keystone? (applies to high school only)

Possibly. Most credits earned at accredited high schools and homeschool programs transfer into Keystone.  Before enrolling, please call us or email us to complete our online Transcript Request Form so we can request your student’s official records and provide a free transcript evaluation. Unofficial and official transcripts can also be emailed to our Guidance Department at info@QLUacademy.org . We will email you a free transcript evaluation so you will know which credits will transfer into our program and how many Keystone credits will be required to earn a Keystone diploma. Homeschool portfolios can be emailed to info@QLUacademy.org .  Homeschool portfolios are also evaluated free of charge.

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