At QLU Virtual Academy we believe in creating and sustaining strong partnerships to provide quality education to our students. Since the founding of Quality Leadership University in 1997, QLU has developed and maintained successful partnerships in the form of academic cooperation and dual-degree agreements with prestigious universities and educational institutions.

QLU Virtual Academy aspires to become a leading online middle and high school, dedicated to serving the region by offering rigorous educational programs which have the flexibility to serve students of different backgrounds and needs by preparing them to succeed in college and their professional careers.

The partnership between Quality Leadership University Virtual Academy and Keystone® will guarantee a successful and fruitful relationship for the benefit of our students. QLU has 23 years of solid experience providing the best university education in the region, and Keystone® is a leading online-education organization, serving more than one million students with a strong academic curriculum combined with a state-of-the art Learning Management System. Also, Keystone® is a successful flexible online school, which combined with the personalized coaching, tutoring, and counseling provided by QLU Online School professionals, will create powerful synergies and produce extraordinary results. Students who graduate will receive a High School Diploma from Keystone®, an authorized and accredited school from the United States of America.

QLU has a strong academic cooperation with University of Louisville from the state of Kentucky since 1998. University of Louisville is one of the most prestigious and oldest metropolitan public universities in the United States, founded in 1798 and classified as a Carnegie Extensive Research University. UofL and QLU have offered undergraduate and graduate programs in Panama to more than 4,000 students and professionals who have completed our dual-degree programs. Hundreds of students have transferred from QLU to the University of Louisville’s main campus in Kentucky to complete their last two years of college education with the benefit of paying in-state tuition, which has saved each student over $80,000 in tuition and expenses.

Currently, QLU also has academic cooperation and dual-degree agreements with Illinois State University, the first public university in Illinois, founded in 1857 by former President Abraham Lincoln and one of the universities that graduates more teachers in the USA. College of Education students from Illinois State University actually have the option to come to QLU in Panama to complete their teaching practicums and clinics.

Additionally, QLU holds academic agreements with Notre Dame of Maryland University’s School of Education to train our teachers with master’s degree programs and to provide endorsement and guidance to our new brick and mortar school “Notre Dame Academy of Panama”, scheduled for construction in 2021-22. Students from the School of Education of Notre Dame of Maryland University will travel to Panama to do their international teaching practicums at Notre Dame Academy of Panama. Notre Dame of Maryland University is a Catholic University, founded in 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland by School Sisters of Notre Dame, a Catholic Education Order founded in 1833.

Quality Leadership University has signed an articulation agreement with prestigious University of South Florida for QLU students to be able to transfer to USF Campus in Tampa, Florida to study a variety of majors with the benefit of paying the equivalent to in-state-tuition through a scholarship for talented students from Panama and Latin America who transfer after their Sophomore year. USF is a large Carnegie Extensive Research University which ranks among the best colleges in many different fields in the United States.

Students at QLU Virtual Academy will receive quality education and preparation for admission to these fine institutions and many others in the USA and other countries.

QLU has a strong academic cooperation relationship to offer dual degree programs in business with the prestigious School of Business and Economics from University of Chile, one of the best universities in Latin America based on different ranking agencies. According to America Economia Magazine, the best in Economics, Finance, Marketing, and Operations. Additionally, QLU has a dual degree agreement with the Polytechnic University of Madrid’s School of Architecture, one of the best Schools of Architecture in Europe.

The combined partnership experiences of these prestigious institutions will result in a powerful college preparatory online school program that will develop talented, self-disciplined, goal oriented and engaged students.

QLU Virtual Academy uses the curriculum developed by Keystone®, the world leader in online education from Preschool to Grade 12th. The courses designed by Keystone® meet or surpass US educational standards. The Keystone® is a leading school providing the curriculum and flexible online technology system used by many public schools in the United States and private schools around the world.

Since 2000, Keystone® has been a leader in Keystone® online education, putting quality hands-on and online curriculum directly into the homes of the students and families we support. Through Keystone®-powered school options, students are empowered to learn in the ways that are best for them, in their own place, and at their own pace. Keystone® mission of helping students reach their full potential through inspired teaching and personalized learning have benefited over a million students.

Keystone® curriculum specialists permanently and periodically review and improve course objectives, content, and teaching-learning methodologies to be up to date with changing and demanding times. The courses are developed in a way that students accommodate the content in a flexible schedule according their personal plan and schedule. This adaptable and flexible way to learn provides the opportunity for students to combine their formal online education with their personal interests, responsibilities, talents, hobbies, traveling needs, diversity, and passion. As a result, we produced happier, satisfied, and accomplished graduates.

Keystone® Keystone online education programs offer quality learning in a non-traditional and flexible environment to meet the goals of our students. In our student body we have performers, athletes, entrepreneurs, travelers and students with different backgrounds and special interest that value to study from different locations, at their own pace, at the desired level of intensity and in a schedule that meet their personal needs.

QLU Virtual Academy provides the value of assisting students with a team of outstanding learning coaches that will guide them to achieve their planned goals. QLU services may include but are not limited to tutoring in particular subjects such as Math, English and Science, monitoring student progress and success, coaching and mentoring, academic and career counseling, reviewing and giving feedback on projects and papers before the final draft is submitted to the teacher, advising on study strategies and habits, helping to explore and discover interests to guide them to student clubs and organizations.

Our students value the dedication of our learning coaches and the special attention they put into helping them with their needs and learning styles. They guide students through the Learning Management System to program the system to work on a plan designed by the student with the support and monitoring of the learning coach. This way, the students will know daily if they are behind, on time or ahead of schedule in meeting the learning goals and will know every second what their average grade is in each course and how much effort to put to reach the desired grade for each course.

QLU Virtual Academy students will have the opportunity to work toward mastery levels of learning to suit their educational interests. From taking elective courses of their interest to taking College Board approved AP ® courses that they can transfer to their future college, students have different opportunities.

Students who are studying in international bilingual middle school and high schools can also apply to take courses with QLU Virtual Academy. Meet one of our advisors and we will work on a plan to complement the education you are acquiring in your school and by taking additional online courses with us, you can have the opportunity to be awarded the transcripts and a High School Diploma from the United States, which facilitate your admission into many prestigious universities. You will not be even required to take the TOEFL to be admitted in many higher education institutions.

At QLU Virtual Academy we are proud to know our students well. We develop strong relationships with them to guide them to reach their goals by being a resourceful community of professionals dedicated to the success of each, and every one of our students. We do this by challenging them to be great, by inciting them to think critically, by developing a network that will foster their intellectual and entrepreneurial spirit and growth.

Our students will also benefit from our educational networks and university partnerships  the following way:

  • Our High School students will be given the opportunity to visit and sit in some of the college courses we offer in Panama.
  • Graduates of QLU Virtual Academy – Keystone Online School Program will receive academic guidance and will be able to transfer to our academic college programs at Quality Leadership University and to the dual degree programs we have with University of Louisville and Illinois State University.
  • QLU Virtual Academy students will be invited to participate in Panama International Forum, an annual debate competition organized by our students following the model of the United Nations and the National Assembly of Congressmen of Panama.
  • QLU High School students will be able to participate in different student organizations and student clubs at Quality Leadership University.
  • QLU High School students will be entitled to participate in our Job and Career Fairs and have access to learn and apply for internships and jobs in some of the best national and multinational companies in Panama.
  • QLU High School students with academic excellence will be able to take AP (Advanced Placement) courses with University of Louisville in our QLU Programs in Panama.
  • QLU Senior High School students will be able to travel with a group of QLU students in a college tour we do in March every year visiting University of South Florida in Tampa, University of Louisville in Kentucky and Illinois State University, two hours South of Chicago.
  • QLU Virtual Academy – Keystone Online School Graduates will receive a partial scholarship when studying in the undergraduate programs at QLU and dual degree programs between QLU and University of Louisville, and Illinois State University.
  • QLU students may transfer after their Sophomore year from QLU to the main campuses of University of Louisville in Kentucky and University of South Florida in Tampa paying in-state (Resident) tuition or to the main campus of Illinois State University. This may represent savings of more than $80,000 in a college education.

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