Our middle school program offers a top-quality, end-to-end education in grades 6 through 8. The program is structured; yet provide the flexibility that traditional middle schools do not offer to full-time students. Keystone students receive the academic support and learn the skills they will need to get them ready for high school. The quality online education students received from Keystone is supplemented by the tutoring and support center of QLU Virtual Academy Learning Center.

Students enrolled full-time in Keystone’s middle school program must take a total of at least five courses per school year — one in each of four core subject areas, plus one elective. With more than 35 courses available, the curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, science and social science for each grade level, and an array of elective and advanced courses. Students can enroll anytime in our online middle school that allows them the flexibility to learn on their schedule and take up to one full calendar year to complete a course.

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