Whether you need to enroll full-time or are taking supplementary courses, you can work at your own pace with easy access to teacher support at Keystone High School Program. Curriculum at this level is offered in an online format, as well as a print format in which coursework is submitted electronically or by U.S. mail. Students study at a time when it’s convenient for their schedules to build the discipline that will help them succeed, today and tomorrow. The quality online education students received from Keystone is supplemented by the tutoring and support center of QLU Virtual Academy Learning Center.

Keystone offers more than 120 high school courses, including core subjects, Advanced Placement® courses, electives and six world languages. Whether you are enrolled full-time or simply taking a few courses, you can work at your own pace with easy access to teacher support, learning couches, tutors and counselors. It’s the flexibility you need with the top-quality education you deserve. No matter where your dreams are taking you, build the discipline that will help you succeed with Keystone’s high school program. Keystone Online School is fully accredited so your diploma will be recognized by universities and employers.

Online courses are delivered through the Keystone Learning Management system to give you access to assignments, online materials, and communication from instructors. Keystone takes every student online safety and privacy seriously. Our interactive and effective online learning environment is also a safe one.

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