A cumulative un-weighted GPA is maintained for grades 9-12 based on course completion. Only grades earned at Keystone are used to determine the cumulative GPA. Keystone does not rank its students because students enrolled and graduate on a rolling basis. Therefore, we do not have cohorts or students who can be considered in a common grade.

Grading and GPA
90-100 A (4 GPA Points)
80-89B (3 GPA Points)
70-79C (2 GPA Points)
60-69D (1 GPA Point)
Below 60F (0 GPA Points)

How many hours can a student expect to spend on each course?

Students should expect to spend about 180 hours on a full year/full credit course and about 90 hours on a half year/half credit course. However, students who are gifted in a particular subject may be able to complete a course in less time, while other students might need to spend more time in some courses.

How am I graded?

Keystone uses several types of assessments including practice quizzes, short answer and essay questions, objective multiple-choice exams, and oral examinations (when appropriate). This mix provides the independent learner with checkpoints to monitor his or her progress through each course. Students are also required to practice various styles of writing to help ensure learning and develop communication abilities that they will need after high school.

Do I have to take courses in a certain order?

You don´t have to, but many subjects are covered through a sequence of courses. Let’s use Math as an example. Some students will start will Refresher Math, move on to Algebra 1, then on to Geometry, then on to Algebra 2, etc. Students move through courses at their own speed, and then go on to the next level when they are ready. All Keystone courses are designed to balance the introduction of new information with the repetition of learned information. The Learning Couches and Counselors at QLU Virtual Academy Learning Center will guide students in course selection and registration.

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