Students who have completed high school courses at a high school outside the US can contact our Student Support Department at (507) 264-0777 to find out how to request a foreign transcript evaluation.  The Keystone School provides this service for a fee due to the research and expertise needed to evaluate official transcripts from foreign educational systems. For most schools in Panama, Keystone has already done the evaluation of credits and paying a fee may not be necessary.

If your student’s transcript does require a foreign transcript evaluation, our Student Support representative can help you to complete our Foreign Transcript Evaluation Form. There is a $180 fee associated with this process provided we have a certified English translation of your student’s transcript. If a certified English translation is required there will be an additional fee. The evaluation of foreign/international transcripts can take up to 15 business days from the time we receive the form and fee. If any questions arise during the evaluation process, please reach out to Student Services at (507) 264-0777.

Can I enroll my child in QLU  QLU Virtual Academy Keystone Program if we live outside of Panama?

Yes. Keystone has demonstrated success with students from all backgrounds, situations, and geographic locations. We have educated students in nearly 100 countries! Students who take our online courses have 24 hour a day access to our curriculum regardless of where they live and will receive teacher feedback on assignments within 3 business days. If your student is grade 6-8, please contact our Student Support Department at (507) 264-0777 or via email at info@QLUacademy.org to find out more or to enroll. If your student has earned high school credit at a US high school, please call us to help you complete our online Transcript Request Form so we can request your student’s official records and provide a free transcript evaluation. Unofficial and official transcripts can also be emailed to our Guidance Department at info@QLUacademy.org.

If your student has earned credit at an institution outside the US, please contact our Student Support Department at (507) 264-0777 or via email at info@QLUacademy.org to see if your student’s transcript requires a foreign transcript evaluation. We can provide an evaluation of a foreign transcript but there is an associated fee. Homeschool portfolios can be emailed to info@QLUacademy.org. Homeschool portfolios are evaluated free of charge.

Please note there are a few countries in which The Keystone School cannot enroll students due to US embargoes or Keystone®, Inc. non-compete agreements. Please contact our Student Support Department for more information.


If you have any questions about enrollment, please call (507) 264-0777, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM ET.

* Families are responsible for making sure they are complying with Homeschool requirements. Keystone is NOT responsible to notify or make families aware of homeschool state rules/regulations. Students interested in enrolling in Keystone should register with their state’s Department of Education as a homeschooled student and follow any rules/regulations that apply.

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