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Why choose an online school?

Online Learning. Personalized Support

QLU Keystone students learn online, and the support and school experience are hands-on. As a Keystone student, you can connect with a community of teachers, staff, student success advisors, counselors, administrative staff, and other students. The result is an engaging and active experience that encourages learning. Our teachers and staff provide one-on-one support, to help our students succeed. Students can connect with other learners through discussion forums, clubs, and even a staff-moderated Facebook page.

Teacher Support

Enrolled Keystone students receive support from our licensed and certified teachers. More than half of our teachers on staff hold masters or doctoral degrees.
We encourage students to reach out to their teachers as needed. Students can count on a timely response from teachers with answers to their questions, feedback on assignments, and to receive help when they need it.

Student Success Advisors

Student Success Advisors help middle and high school students craft a plan of success. They answer questions, assist with goal setting, and help with motivation.
Learning Coaches play an important part in the education process. QLU Virtual Academy will provide access to Learning Coaches at the QLU Learning Center or by phone or virtual consultation. Learning Coaches are qualified education professionals who will be responsible for ensuring their students are on track with assignments and coursework. Learning Coaches play the role of tutors in some course areas such as Math, Science, English and other areas.

Guidance Counseling

As part of Keystone’s mission to empower students in middle and high school to achieve their academic and personal goals, a Keystone school counselor will play a key role. In addition, our counselors provide a webinar series on relevant topics and offer weekly one-on-one meetings so students can get help developing a post high school plan.
Our school counselors are licensed and trained to help students set and reach their academic, career and personal goals.

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Student Support

Keystone Student Support is available to help students and parents with every aspect of their education. The goal of the Student Support team is to promote student success, whether it’s through assistance with courses, education planning, or questions regarding technology, and the use of the Learning Management System.

Parent Involvement

Keystone is committed to helping parents become actively involved in their child’s education by providing tools that keep them up to date on their child’s achievements. For example, all parents have access to and are encouraged to utilize the Keystone Support Application. This web application provides up-to-date visibility into student course level progress, course grades, and connections with the Keystone support teams, including teachers and Student Success Advisors.

The Online Learning Environment and Technical Support

Through the Brightspace Learning Management System, a standardized platform used widely by educational institutions, we are able to deliver a robust and highly interactive online teaching and learning setting. The Keystone learning environment is intuitive and easy to use, but if you ever encounter technical issues, we are available to help solve them. Just call us, email us or set an appointment for a consultation.

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